Luna Moon

Cerebral Companion & Kink Doyenne
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Luna Moon London BBW Escort

If you’re reading this, it’s just a little SEO information used to get my name out there. You’re welcome to peruse, but you’ll find more engaging content within my bio, blogs and social media platforms. I’m Luna Moon, an independant BBW luxury companion, based in London for outcall dates, London fun and ‘fly me to you’ national and international travel companionship.


I’m a refreshing blend of authentic frankness, doting girlfriend and the rebellious babe you lusted over in high school.

Such is my proclivity for sex that I consider myself a switch. Unable to decide between the heady worlds of submission or dominance. And frankly, why should I? My attitude and approach to sex is one of relaxed fun and encouraged perversion. I can channel my demure side during dinner if you’d like, but I can assure you, there’s absolutely nothing demure or retiring about me behind closed doors. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone more absorbed and captivated by your company.


When it comes to submission I tend to err on the masochistic side of things, rather than outright submission. I’ve talked about this in depth on my various platforms, why not have a browse and learn more. Whilst I can appreciate the cookie cutter D/s dynamic, I much prefer a well seasoned play partner who is brave enough to take on my wild streak in the effort to control me. A respectful and intelligent type who’ll fuck me like they hate me and bring me into line. That’s my cup of tea.

My favourite kinks are as follows: rimming - I’m willing to put money on it that you’ll never receive a rim job as mind blowing as mine. The very cleanest assholes will be fawned over. Sit on my face and I’ll turn you into a quivering wreck. I’m particularly fond of first timer rim job recipients, there something so seductive about hearing a man whimpering at the effects of my tongue and lips. Fear not though, even the most seasoned assholes have never experienced anything close to this.

I’m orally fixated beyond belief. Think dribbly blowjobs and deepthroat Sasha Grey would be proud of. That girl… Think facefucking, gagging, choking and ropes of dribble hanging from my mouth. Of course, if you’d like something a little more intimate, I’ll give you slow and sensual head with the aid of my pouting lips.

I’m also the best french kisser you’ll ever meet, no word of a lie. I was blessed with a talented mouth. What can I say?

I love anything tactile and textured. Impact play, both with a well placed hand or using canes, floggers, paddles etc. Temperature play with ice cubes, candle wax and various other toys. I love any kind of Sensation play too, oils, Wartenburg Wheels, tickle torture and a whole host of other kinks as listed on my “The Date” page.  

I’m new to the world of the feeder/feedee kink, if this is your thing I’d love to play with you.


My dominance style can, at times, be a little bratty and demanding. I’ll be your firm and fair domina if you please me, but there will always be a hint of mischief behind my big brown eyes. As I said before, sex and kink should be fun and not taken too seriously. Much the same as life. I’m particularly fond of Cuckoldry, and would love to have you watch me with a superior bull. I also love joining couples as a doting little cuckcake.  

I love chastity, something which has grown from my personal enjoyment of edging and power play. I’m fond of long term chastity arrangements and will happily be your keyholder, offering daily contact via messages and phone calls, as well as regular face to face meets.

I’m a big fan of cock & ball torture, taping you up, using cock rings and my hands and feet to punish you. I’ll take it at your speed of course, easing you in.

My feet are a tiny size 4, with soft wrinkled soles and the highest arch you’re likely to come across. I adore having them pampered and worshipped, a massage after a long day, or kissed tenderly. I also love trampling and turning you into my little foot slave. If you’re looking for beautiful, dainty feet which are impossibly soft and well kept then I’m your girl.

I’m far from sadistic, but I do adore the power play involved in humiliation & degradation. Whether you’re a paypig who needs marching to the cashpoint or you yearn for the sting of public humiliation.


When it comes to GFE, I consider myself a tactile and affectionate date.

Kissing is my forte, and I’m willing to bet that my deep french kissing will be amongst the best you’ve ever experienced. I could spend hours making out, so if this is your thing, then we need to get together. Making out tends to fall by the wayside, and I plan to bring it back. See also; Dry humping. My soft curves and even softer skin make me the perfect cuddle buddy, especially with these colder nights drawing in. I’ll be your little spoon as we snuggle in bed, putting the world to rights.

I’m intelligent, articulate and never run out of things to say. I’ve been told my company is life affirming, so expect to leave feeling motivated and inspired.

I’m orally fixated, lavishing you with attention in the form of spine tingling kisses and mind altering dribbly blow jobs. Spontaneous and fun in bed, I love being on top and grinding away.

If it’s PSE you seek, expect more of the above. Only filthier. Think nasty little cumslut as opposed to doting girlfriend. I’m rather fond of facials, and rough sex. PSE is the perfect way to sum that side of me up.


All in all, I’m a discreet, refreshingly honest companion. A high class escort who will ensure our date is tailor made to suit your various needs. Not only am I a beautiful person, with a full and soft figure, I’m deeply invested in our time together and will do everything in my power to provide you with memories you’ll never forget.

I love exploring London and will happily accompany you to events or parties. I’d also be happy to show you some of my favourite sites in the city. Dinner dates, museum dates and lazy Sundays mooching around markets.


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