Dinner & Social Dates

I adore longer bookings, especially when they involve dinner or social activities. 

Let's eat

I've been a vegetarian since I was in my teens, and have been eating a plant based vegan diet where possible. I love the effect cutting out out animal products is having on my health, and I plan to become fully vegan when I can give up cheese (or find enough substitutes!)

If you want to explore London's burgeoning vegan scene with me then I know plenty of places where we can eat like kings. However if you're not quite there yet, I can suggest plenty of places were we can both happily meet our dietary needs. 

My favourite cuisines are Italian, Mexican, Vietnamese and anything Middle Eastern if you need some inspiration. 

Relaxed Vegan Eats

Perfect for ordering on Deliveroo for naked bedroom picnics. 

Mildred's for awesome burgers.

Fed By Water for impressive Vegan cheeses.

Andina & Ceviche for Peruvian and Pisco. 

A Sophisticated Affair

Perfect for getting dressed up and smiling sweet nothings. 

Malibu Kitchen at The Ned is my personal favourite spot for raw vegan, Californian inspired meals which look like art.

Vanilla Black A trail blazer on the London Vegan scene. 

Gauthier Soho for elegant tasting plates and a creative approach to veganism. 

Museums & Galleries 

Let's get a culture fix and visit a museum or gallery together. My favourites in central London include The Wellcome Collection, The V&A, and the Tate ModernIt may be a little further out but the Horniman in Forest Hill is one of my favourite buildings in London and has incredible views of the city. 



Lets indulge in our shared passion, before we indulge in our shared fantasies. The Prince Charles Cinema is a great choice for cult classics and old favourites. 


Days Out 

Perhaps you're visiting London, or maybe you just want to see it through my eyes. Here are a few of my favourite things to do in the big smoke. 

Kew Gardens - A childhood haunt of mine and still one of my favourite places in London. I make it a point to visit the Botanical Gardens of every city I'm lucky enough to travel to, Kew remains my favourite. Let's wander in the Palm House and run along the Treetop Walk. The aspiring botanist in me would love a membership.

Greenwich - I grew up in Bristol, surrounded by Maritime history. As a result I adore Greenwich. Let's visit the quaint market, natter over lunch and then catch a show in the Planetarium because we all know, I love Space. 

Richmond Park - Another of my childhood stomping grounds. Lets immerse ourselves in the great outdoors without leaving the big smoke. 

Theatre - Lets take in a show and dinner, London has an excellent selection. Heathers is a favourite movie of mine and perfect if you love satire and dark high school comedy. 

Park & Picnic - I pack a mean picnic, full of your favourite treats. Imagine a stroll along the canal followed by a picnic in one of London's most beautiful parks. Dessert will be served back at your hotel, of course.