Domina | Sadist

When it comes to domination, I tend to go straight for your brain with a heady dose of sensual sadism. I'm not particularly well versed in dishing out too much pain, although it's something I'm exploring with thoughtful training. I tend to err on the cerebral side of things. As a former submissive myself, and life long masochist, I understand exactly what you want from a Domina. I understand the power play, the kink, and how deliciously freeing submission can be. 

There will be nothing you can do as I creep inside your mind, wrapping my hands around your psyche until you're at my mercy. You'll find yourself bound without ropes or chains and submitting completely. 

Below is a list of my favourite kinks, in a lose order so to speak. 

Please note prices for Domina | Sadist meets are bespoke, and dependant on what you're looking for. 

Sensation Play/Tie & Tease/Sensory Deprivation - The only thing I like more than being tied & teased, is being the one in charge of the teasing. I have all manner of tactile, sensory and tantalising ideas to drive you wild. Think of me as a sex witch, bending the elements to slowly torture you. Fire with dripping wax play, water with ice cubes slowly melting across skin, and so on. You'll be begging me to stop and for more in the very same breath. And of course, this will spur me on even more. Can you even handle it? 

Foot Fetish - I’ve been blessed with tiny size 4 feet, soft wrinkled soles and impossibly high arches which form a perfectly cock sized crevice when pressed together. I adore having my perfect feet lovingly worshipped just as much as I enjoy trampling and pressing them against your face. 

CBT - I had a (usually very dominant) ex who loved having his cock & balls taped up with my bondage tape. I quickly learned what works, and what doesn’t, so you can feel at (un)ease in my tiny hands. He always commented on the delicious glee behind my eyes as I squeezed, tugged and twisted. 

Bondage & Impact Play - As I said before, I’m more of a cerebral domme. Preferring to play to your inner psyche, rather than to cause you any real pain. I do however enjoy your standard bondage and impact play and adore being taken to dungeons.

Cuckoldry - Whether I’m playing the role of hot wife with a hung bull, or cuckcake to your own hot wife, I love everything about cuckolding. Please note, some notice is required if I’m to bring my own bull along.

Anal play - Want to know a secret? I’m secretly fascinated by men's asses, and love playing with them. From figging, to pegging and flogging to fisting. There's something about a man begging me to punish his asshole which drives me wild. 

Humiliation & Degradation - I have a way with words, and a way with humiliation. I also have an understanding of what H&D bring to a person and how deliciously liberating it can make you feel. I got you bbz.

Facesitting/Queening - You’ve seen my phat ass. It speaks for itself, no? Lie back and let me get on top. I'll grind, buck, and please myself against your face. If you treat me right, I might even let you get a few deep breathes every now and then. 

Sounding - There’s something so seductive about a man letting you do things to him which most would shudder at the mere thought of. An open mind is incredibly arousing, don't you think? 

Chastity - It’s the power play, it drives me wild. 

Smoking Fetish - Whether you simply like to watch a cute girl smoking, blowing trees, or using your mouth as an ashtray, I got you covered boo. If you really want to make me smile, Sobraine cigarettes in black or pastel will bring out my inner coquette. Bring some along. 

Financial Domination - Now this stems from being a brat who enjoys getting her own way a little too much. I will happily march you to a cashpoint and pout as I rinse your account.

Sissification - Words cannot describe how much I love the chance to dress a man up in pretty laces and silks. It's actually rather endearing to see a mans face light up as he feels satin in place of his regular cotton boxers. 

Crossdressing - For those of you who want to experience a day in my shoes without the teasing and objectification of sissification. As the titular character of The Picture of Dorian Grey put it: “I am tired of myself tonight. I should like to be somebody else.” 

Watersports - This one speaks for itself. I love giving golden showers. Especially whilst facesitting. I stay hydrated at all times so you can expect a generous flow.