Masochist | Submissive 

There comes a time in a girls life when she accepts that she's just too bratty to be a true submissive. I found myself meeting so many terrible doms on the kink circuit that I retreated a little. I do however, still adore it with the right person, or couple. I favour masochism and kink over submission, so take me to a dungeon and show me who's boss. 

JK, it's me. I'm the boss. If you don't already know that, please brush up on the rules of submission before you get in touch. 

Please note prices for Masochistic | Submissive meets are bespoke, and dependant on what you're looking for. 

Rimming/Prostate Play - Again with the oral fixation, I adore giving rim jobs. If your asshole is sparkling clean, and you’ve prepared yourself in advance, then I will deliver the most mindblowing rim job of your life. I won’t go into the gory details but you’ll be a quivering, whimpering mess afterwards. I adore facesitting too. 

Temperature Play - From ice play to dripping hot candle wax across my skin and everything in between. I have dildos & plugs which can be cooled or heated for extra special internal sensation play.

Kinbaku (Shibari) & Rope Play* - I know and adore the basics. Perhaps you can teach me a little more, after all, my squishy curves look beautiful bound.  

Sensation Play* - I live for Tie & Tease and have all manner of toys and tricks. Read about it in more detail on my blog. Keep me guessing as to what is coming next and I’ll be putty in your hands.

Watersports/Bladder Control/Omorashi - Watersports below the neck unless otherwise agreed. I have a thing for Omorashi/panty wetting, delicious regression or wild rebellion? Who knows. 

Forced Orgasm/Orgasm Denial - There is a reason I've gone through one Doxy and two Lelo wands. I'm ruthless in my quest to perfect self denial/forced orgasms. Of course, it always works better at the hands of someone else. Tie* me up and listen to me whimper. 

Oral Worship - Between you and me, Freud himself would be alarmed at the grand scale of my oral fixation, the likes of which I’m sure he never saw. I adore using my mouth to give pleasure.

Rough Sex - “I’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck, or I did last time I checked…”

Humiliation & Degradation - There’s something so freeing about being humiliated. Read more on my thoughts about degradation and why it feeds my soul on my blog.

Impact Play - Caning, whipping, paddling, spanking and flogging are so much more fun when there's more cushion for the pushin’...

Bimbofication/Slut Training/Kitten Play/Collaring - I may be somewhat of a brat, but if you’re a firm and fair dom/domme, I’ll be on my knees quicker than you can say Who’s my little Fuckdoll? 

Bondage & Restraints* - Tie me up, hold me down, drive me wild.

Anal Play - I enjoy anal play and have a tried and tested method for comfortable and enjoyable anal. Follow my lead and you’ll get to play with my bubbly butt all night long. 

Tickle Play - I am insanely ticklish and I’m blessed with the most infectious and filthy laugh. I dare you not to lose yourself to my giggling. Tip: Start lightly, with barely there circles around my waist and over my hips.

Medical Play - Care to help me see a speculum through new eyes, and give me something to think about the next time I get a smear test?

Role Play - I love make believe, and pretending I’m someone else for a few hours sounds like heaven. Maybe you’d like to take it a little darker and interrogate me? Tell me what you want and I’ll make your fantasy a reality.

Wrestling - I love a good play fight, and I’m surprisingly strong for my tiny 5’2” stature. Fear not, I’ll let you win...

Fetish - Do you have a taste for something more specific? Let's talk more about it via email.

* My personal safety is of utmost importance. For this reason I prefer to have met at least once before any tying will take place. If we're not aquainted, I may still allow these activities, but it will be using my own restraints.