Dining at the Y

This is a re-post from my old website, originally posted July 28th 2017.

The first time I met Yasmin was in the foyer of Guy’s Hospital. I was admitted after a particularly bad bout of tonsillitis which led to a dangerously high temperature and dehydration. We’d already slid into each others DM’s by that point, and had arranged to meet up once I was fully recovered.

It came as quite a surprise when she called me and told me she was waiting downstairs in the lobby. Of course, she looked devastatingly beautiful, as per usual. I on the other hand came shuffling down with my IV and compression stockings, looking like a desiccated corpse in my comfiest pyjamas.

She handed me the cutest little care package, full of healthy snacks and a pair of headphones, I’d left mine at home and had Tweeted my despair at being without them. Needless to say I was touched by her thoughtfulness, something which shines through in her companionship. We’ve been close friends ever since, and these days, I count her as one of my nearest and dearest.

The second time I met Yasmin was at a beautiful private residence, on a chilly November morning. Within five minutes we were rolling naked around in crisp white sheets with a charming client. I’m not going to lie, I was seriously attracted to her, both physically and mentally. Not only had she proven to be a pretty special human being, she was sexy as hell. We cemented our duo style , and friendship, on that frosty morning in a candle lit haze.

In amongst the giggling and groping came lots of eye contact as we went to town on our slack jaw, wide eyed new friend.

Our dynamic has developed even more over the past year, naturally adapting to our individuality.

For example, I’m a bratty little sub who can’t be controlled. She’s a sensual and firm dominant, and one of the only people able to get me in line. Whether you want to marvel in the power play, or just spend time with two tactile and passionate friends, a duo with us is unforgettably fun and erotic.

A handy guide to Lumin


Yasmin - G Spot stimulation & squirting like a hosepipe

Luna - Clitoral stimulation & indulging in my oral fixations

Both - Carpet picnics in hotel suites & plenty of time to indulge our sapphic desires

Secret skills

Yasmin - Can transform even the most nervous gent into a seasoned, expert lover with her second to none teaching skills (I’m lucky enough to have enjoyed the results!)

Luna - Will kiss you like you’ve never been kissed until you melt into a puddle and forget your name & will rim the cleanest of assholes into complete submission

Both - Long, languid stares into your eyes coupled with phenomenal, simultaneous oral


Yasmin - Anything Oud or Penhaligon's related

Luna - Books, comics or Byredo perfume

Both - Bring marzipan fruits and we will rock your world ;D

#Threesomes #DuoPartners #GroupSex #ProfessionalSubmissive #ProfessionalSwitch #Dominatrix

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