For as long as I can remember I’ve been a water baby.

My parents took me swimming as soon as I had the relevant vaccinations, and despite my Mothers sensible approach with armbands and floats, it was my Fathers devil-may-care approach of chucking me in which rubbed off on me. In swimming, and in life.

Ever since I’ve felt a bewitching pull when close to water, one I can rarely ignore.

Something about water, and swimming, makes me feel like I’m home.

In outdoor pools, with sunlight bouncing off the rippling blue surface.

In sumptous hotel pools, beautifully tiled with adjoining hot tubs.

In the flowing rivers and deep natural pools of the moorland where my Father lived when I was young, deep enough to make your toes bitingly cold.

Walking miles in blistering heat from Cassis to get to Les Calanques in the South of France, diving into the sea as it carves gorges into the cliffs.

My favourite place is a few feet under water, the din above the surface muffled and distant, the blue enveloping me like a hug.

Of course, my love of water could come from the fact my natal chart is incredibly water dominant (I'm Scorpio heavy), but either way, I feel at home when I'm in its depths.

Water is sensual, the way it flows over your body, hitting every nook and crevice, missing nothing like an attentive lovers touch.

I especially love being naked in water, feeling it on every inch of my body.

You could say I’m obsessed, and my BFF and duo partner AJ will attest - we spent much of the summer in London’s glorious lidos. Swimming until we got cold, then laying out in the sun reading and talking until we got too hot, and repeat.

I’ve even been lucky enough to be treated to a few spa dates with generous clients, and I’ve visited Rio’s with a favourite regular a couple of times to combine swimming with my other love, sex.

That’s the thing about passions though, you always want more, and I for one would love more water based dates. So if you’d like to make my wet dreams come true, get in touch and let’s plan some aquatic adventures.

Luna x

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