Knee Deep in Gunge

I grew up in the 90’s, on a diet of kids TV game shows like Get Your Own Back and Funhouse. Gunge was always something reserved for the losers, and this time, I wanted to lose.

The closest I ever got was the time I set up my friends slip and slide in my garden, a little too close to my Mums flower beds. The hose and a neighbourhood full of sliding overexcited kids ensured that the beds became a pool of mud and flower petals and it was totally worth getting yelled at for destroying the geraniums.

Despite this, my first experience of gunge was last week, when my gorgeous friend Penny Banks invited me to film with her.

We’d meant to film back in March, but had to reschedule and I was keen to ensure it was rearranged.

Not only was this my first time getting gunged, it was my first time filming and I was worried about my over-expressive face getting the better of me.

I needn’t worry for too long, as Penny soon dumped three buckets of pastel gunge over my head, blanketing my face and turning me into a happy melting marshmallow.

Gunge, when mixed to a thick consistency, has an almost sensory deprivation element to it. I felt cocooned, as though in a warm, full body hug. I felt like my fingertips when I used to dip them in wax from tealights, only all over and much more gooey. I felt like fuck, I wish I’d tried this sooner. I loved everything about it, from the way it caught like bubbles in my fence net tights, to the bubbles exploding around my mouth and nose every time I laughed. Remember that egg crack illusion thing people used to do on your head when your were a kid? Getting sploshed is like that, only the sensations of the gunge slowly coating your head are real and genuinely spine tingling.

Well consider me well and truly interested in exploring the world of sploshing in more depth. Literally, I want to be dropped unencumbered into a tank of it. I’d also love to up the pleasure factor, from ASMR-esque warm fuzzies, to banging someone in a bath of it. I will of course, keep you Lunatics up to date on my gungey adventures with videos and pictures, and perhaps even more collabs with the gorgeous PB.

In the meantime, if anything I’ve said has piqued your interest, do get in touch with Ms Banks and have her gunge you. You won’t regret it.

Luna x

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