Safety Conscious Kink

I’m always keen to expand my kink knowledge, especially when it comes to safety. I often get asked to provide dominant services I’ve never explored personally, and I always turn them down. Not because I’m not into or curious the particular kink being requested, but because I’m 100% that safety bitch.

Some of the requests are things I’m very much into trying, but I’ll never do anything when I’m not confident that I won’t cause damage, or serious harm.

Alongside exploring these kinks in my personal life, I’ve been taking courses and learning alongside other providers in workshops.

On Sunday afternoon I attended one such workshop, and I learned a lot about urethras and how to push things inside of them. You know, safely.

Up until recently, most of my personal experience as a dominant partner for Men had been very much rooted in humiliation and degradation. None of my Male partners had been particularly into pain, bar impact play, and so I found not only my skills to be lacking, but also my desire and curiosity.

In my younger years I’d worked with children and food, as a Nanny, a Chef and later as a Studio Manager and a Food/Recipe Writer. I’ve taken more COSHH, food hygiene and first aid courses than I’ve had hot dinners. Couple this with a constant need for my person and my environment to be spotlessly clean and you’ve got yourself a cleaning junky.

I looked down at the stainless steel medical trolley, sanitised meticulously by the Nurse training us, and my heart grew several sizes with satisfaction.

Everything was new, wrapped, sanitary. This was the level of scrupulous hygiene I strive for, the skilful and conscious kink I longed to emulate.

Not only was the initial environment impeccably clean, so was each step of the catheter insertion.

I learned how to put sterilised gloves on without touching the outsides, how to keep lube sterile and how to keep the catheter itself sterile as I push it inside you.

The take home here is that I now know how to safely and hygienically insert a catheter, so if that’s your kink, you’re in safe hands. There will be no UTI’s or bladder infections to speak of, just me revelling in controlling your bladder, or indulging in some sounding.

I long for the day I have my own little play space filled with (meticulously sterilised) toys and tools. Until that day comes I know some wonderful places we could rent for a date, if you’re brave enough.

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