O Here We Go Again

Back in 2013, when I was an e-girl before I realised I was an e-girl, I had a tits and skulls tumblr.

I might be all about twitter these days, but from 2012-2014 I lived on tumblr with the weirdos.

My following was modest, my fuzzy nudes were taken on iPhones 4 & 5 and my aesthetic was horror & sex.

I reblogged BDSM stuff, hot girls, lots of urban explorer tumblr, photos of cool shit I took in cemeteries and a a bit of leftist political stuff. I was a left-wing edge lord, but I had my tits out so no one cared.

My other shtick, is that I used to post erotica - half fantasy wish fulfillment pulp, half slightly dramitised or exaggerated versions of real life experiences I’d had.

Given my ‘literary content’ and the fact I often reblogged Poe quotes, I got a reputation for being wordy.

I don’t remember how I first came across it, but some time in 2013 I stumbled across the Hysterical Literature project. A project where artist Clayton Cubitt would record porn performers as they read excerpts from their favourite books whilst using a magic wand to masturbate.

I watched every HL video I could find, and then I made one of my own.

At the time I was moving, and most of my books were packed up, so I read a chapter from The Great Gatsby.

I listened back to the 13 minute clip and remember chuckling at the way my voice would wobble over long words the more excited I got. My reading was peppered with sighs, moans and gasps, every now and then a quiet ‘Fuuuuuuuuck!’ or a muffled giggle. To me, it felt a little goofy, it was deeply personal and I wasn’t as naked online as I am now.

I posted the clip to my tumblr and waited.

Before long I had dozens of messages in my inbox. From horny folks, fellow HL fans and Great Gatsby stans.

Everyone loved it and it soon became one of my most popular posts.

Photos of my tits were great and all, but people seemed to like this even more.

It was personal, intimate and incredibly sexy to listen to me fall over my words. Starting with clear diction, soon slipping into a quivering mess.

I made more for lovers, or mutual tumblr crushes, but I never posted another.

Until now. Keep your eyes and ears peeled Moon Gazers. I'm planning my own hysterical literature series on Only Fans, episode 1 is already up, and for episode 2 I'll be revisiting my first blog post and my first foray into the world of Kink - The Story of O.

If you’d like a custom of me reading your favourite book, or a custom steamy erotica do let me know!

Stay Gold,

Luna x

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