Hello there, 


I’m Luna and I’m here for hazy, sensual  encounters in London and beyond. 

I’m an old soul with a youthful approach to life and all the sage wisdom one gains after turning another decade older. Think of me as your fountain of youth, overflowing and unabashed. My carefree nature is likely to rub off on you, leaving you inspired and ever so slightly giddy. 

I was born in London to hippy, artist parents. My childhood was bohemian and adventurous with perhaps a little too much freedom - as a result I grew into a self sufficient rebel with a predilection for the arts and counter culture. 


As soon as I learned to read I was enamoured with the written word, and was often found with my nose in a book. I grew up in the days prior to home internet in a home full of literature and art, and developed an overactive imagination as a result. Living up to the "Peter Pan" trope, I've retained my childlike world building skills, and when I'm not writing for my personal projects, I'm creating sensual sanctums for those in need of a reality break.


People are what fascinate me the most though. More than books, or art, or anything else which catches my constantly piqued attention. 

I’m a curious introvert who loves one on one encounters (or more, if you’re feeling adventurous) and intimate conversations.

Living here in the Demimonde, I get the privilege to meet exciting new people and combine it with my other great love, Sex. 

But you’ll learn more about that as you traverse my sliver of the web. 


Prior to the last few years I've been someones Girlfriend for most of my adult life, therefore I have GFE down to a fine art. As an empath I'm able to put people at ease with my presence. As a lifelong kinkster you're in open minded, knowledgable and safe hands. 

So throw your caution to the wind and get in touch, step inside my heady world and let's make some magic. 


Your Lunar Muse, 

Luna x



Vital Statistics

Age - Early 30's

Size - 18-20 

Height - 5'2"

Sign - Aries Sun | Taurus Moon | Leo Rising

Hair - Brunette curls which fall just below my shoulders

Eyes - Dark Brown doe eyes with long lashes

Tattoos/Piercings - Two tattoos on my arm (for now). One nipple piercing, a delicate nose ring and multiple delicate ear piercings. All very discreet.


Smoking - I no longer smoke. However, I will still accommodate smoking fetish bookings at my discretion. 

Drinking - Barely. I'd rather something non-alcoholic if you're planning on getting drinks in. I do like a good red wine, barbera or barolo are my go to choices. 

Favourite kinks - Oral fixation, Kinbaku (shibari), Bukkake, Omorashi, Orgasm Denial, Impact & Temperature Play. 

Interests - Cinema, writing, reading, design, art, swimming, hiking, botany, you...