Gifts & Wishlist

Gifts are never expected, but always welcomed with delighted glee. Below are a (large) handful of ideas, as well as my wishlists and the charities I choose to support, should you wish to donate on my behalf. 


Donations to the following organisations would be greatly appreciated. 

SWOP Behind Bars - As an avid reader and writer this organisation has a special place in my heart. Get involved and send an incarcerated sex worker a book, or donate to their commissary. 

SWARM - Donate to SWARM - the Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement, to help them on their journey to raise awareness for sex workers, and the violence and mistreatment they often face. 

National Ugly Mugs - Help keep Sex Workers safe. 


My aim for 2018 is to live a more simple and holistic life. I'm currently writing about my experiences for a personal creative project, so any gifts within this section will benefit me on multiple levels. 

- A membership or class pass to Chroma Yoga or Frame will keep me knee deep in all the Yoga or Pilates classes I can manage. 

- The Akasha spa at Hotel Cafe Royal is one of my favourite sanctuaries in London, and I long to align my Chakras with the Sodashi Chakra Balancing Treatment, or any treatment to be quite honest. Of course, you could also treat us to a couples treatment and spa pass too... 

- Personal training sessions to keep me on track with my fitness goals. Get in touch and I'll tell you who I've got my eye on. 

Lavish Luxuries 

The best gifts are often ones we don't need. The following is a list of my favourite little luxuries. 


My everyday essentials - Bal d'Afrique or Biblioteque by Byredo, Santal 33 by Le Labo, Rosa Nobile by Acqua Di Parma. 

Something special - Le Gant by Byredo.

Accessories - With Autumn speeding towards us, I need some jewel tones in my life, and this bag is just the ticket don't you think? Or perhaps this equal beautiful bag. 

Jewellery - I've been swooning over Tessa Metcalfe's custom made rings and I would love one with an Opal or Moonstone. 

Alex Monroe's necklaces are also on my list, especially the large bee in Gold. I'd also love to grow my Monica Vinader collection if you'd like to assist. 

Candles - I love to burn candles when I'm relaxing. My favourite brands are Byredo (Burning Rose or Biblioteche), Diptique (Figuier or Mimosa), Le Labo (Santal 26, Palo Santo 14 or Cade  26) or PF Candle Co (Amber & Moss, Golden Coast or Los Angeles). 

Flowers & Foliage

Peonies, Hydrageas, Tulip, Succulents, Monstera plants. 

Food & Drink

I love to eat well, so vouchers for my favourite foodie website Sous Chef are always welcome. Even more so if you'd like me to cook for you. 

Loose leaf tea - My favourite tea is Lapsang Souchong I'm also a big fan of this smokey Earl Grey.

Coffee - 25% of my blood consists of black coffee, help sustain my health by arriving with a bag of beans (or grounds) from my favourite coffee shops - Caravan, Climpson & Sons or Monmouth. 

Libations - I'd rather a smoky Whisky than champagne. My favourite is Laphroaig An Cur Mor.

Gift Cards

If you're stuck for ideas you could always go with gift cards or vouchers. Space NK, Liberty, Net-a-Porter, John Lewis and Selfridges are all safe bets. 

Sexual Favours 

By this point you've realised I'm a sexual person, so gifts of a sexual nature are enthusiastically received. 


I adore the sensation of glass dildos, cold, smooth and oh so hard - an unyielding force inside of me. Imagine my glee when I discovered Chakrubs, dildos crafted from crystals, with all the solidity of glass, and all the power of my beloved crystals. I've had my eye on the Indian Jade and the Heart because you know, I wanna open my heart chakra as well as my legs. 

Rope Bunny 

Kinbaku (shibari) is one of my favourite kinks to play with and explore. Enamoured as I am with aesthetics, I've dreamed of seeing myself in scarlet satin ropes like the ones from Coco De Mer


I'm a huge fan of Lelo and their luxurious sex toys and I'd love to add to my collection. I'm coveting the Ora in deep rose, or the Soraya in black. I also happen to have worn my Smart Wand out through over use. I'd love another, this time in White. 

Bad Dragon

I have been coveting the Ika for some time now, no doubt due to the amount of Hentai I've watched. Treat me to a custom one and I'll put on a show for you. 

Obsessive Pop Culture Disorder

Yes, it's true. I am a pop culture nerrrrrrd. 

Books - I have more books than I know what to do with, but that doesn't stop me from wanting/needing more. I'd love to receive a copy of your favourite book, along with the story behind why it's so special to you. First editions of my favourites would also be gratefully received. 

Fiction - Nabokov, Mid Century American Literature, the Beat Poets, Hunter S Thompson

Non Fiction - Audre Lorde, Aleister Crowley, Timothy Leary, Aldous Huxley, The Occult, Counter Culture, Art (Modern/Photography/surrealism)

Comics/Graphic novels - Again, I likely have too many of these, but that won't stop me. I like my comics dark, think DC as opposed to Marvel. 

Cinema Memberships - As an aspiring screen writer and lifelong movie nerd, a pass to my favourite cinemas would be beneficial to my soul and to my career goals. I tend to favour BFI for world cinema and classics, and Curzon or Picturehouse for everything else. A cinema based date is a dream of mine. Make it happen.